In 2014 we produced a simple t-shirt believing it would inspire people to be themselves wholeheartedly. The Very Black Project is a digital space unapologetically celebrating blackness in its entirety. A culmination of kitchen talks between two friends surrounding our shared and unique Black experiences, today our belief is stronger than ever as two words continue to foster meaningful dialogue surrounding the African diaspora while championing unapologetic self-love. That's why we are honored to share our worlds.

 — André Singleton + Justin Fulton, TVBP Creators


We first connected in 2006 studying at opposite ends of the New School all the while navigating the complexity of NYC in our early 20s. Andrè Singleton  is a renaissance man with a background in performing art and higher education and  Justin Fulton is a digital designer / producer working in fashion. Very Black is our passion project; an organic extension of our everyday kitchen talks that's constantly evolving with us.  We're beyond grateful to be able to share with you our innate skills and creativity in ways that affirm and celebrate Blackness in all of it's robust beauty, cultures and hues.



We are proudly stocked at The Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture (NYC) and Nubian Hueman (DC).