Thank you BAM Brooklyn for the Dance Africa Bazaar every year. Thank you Kai Avent-deLeon, owner of the baddest boutique in Bed-Stuy, Sincerely Tommy for inviting us to be a part of the market place you curated! We are pretty sure that we were responsible for a lot of the beautiful vibes these past couple of days and we can't thank our #veryblack fam enough for coming thru ALL DAMN DAY🏾! Whether you purchased anything or simply had an exchange of thoughts/feelings and ideas we appreciate you <3


JUNE 9 - 13 @ The Crane Resort & beyond

VERY BLACK got the hookup and just a $150 Deposit reserves your spot for this unique experience! Starting at *$699/person for 4 days/3 nights, all packages include luxury suite accommodations at the world famous Crane Beach Resort, admission to all-inclusive events, R/T airport transfer in Barbados, spa certificates, a full/daily Bajan breakfast buffet and more! EP is bringing together its global family for some incredible parties (Bajan style) to celebrate and connect friends new and old!

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Packages are designed for groups of friends or lovers! Installment Payments available with the balance due by May 30. Get your flights while their still on the cheap!! We'll see you in paradise!!


Can we just say how impressed we were with the bright individuals we had the pleasure of meeting and listening to this past Saturday. Their experiences as black teens, at times heartbreaking, affirm that we still have a long way to go in regards to race in society, but we find hope in knowing that it's #veryblack and #verywoke young adults like this who'll carry the torch. We feel honored to be able to give them this space to share their stories and move towards positive ways to cope and inspire change around them. 

An important takeaway from the summit for us was that #healing never ends for everyone and every situation. We all carry our physical and emotional scars with us for life, but it's the act of sharing those scars, however ugly they may be, #unapologetically with others that leads to a collective cure.

A huge thank you to the moms of Jack and Jill's Brooklyn Chapter, The Source as well as the volunteers from the National Association of Social Workers NYC for making The Very Black Project feel very embraced!


We've teamed up with Jack & Jill of America's Brooklyn Chapter, The Brooklyn Council and The Source Magazine to bring you #TEENSMATTER🏿, a summit exclusively designed for High School students (ages 14-19) encouraging dialogues around the intersectionality of race matters impacting our youth the most. It's happening SUNDAY MAY 1ST, 12:30PM @ Brooklyn Borough Hall. Mandatory (FREE) pre-registration is open to the public at TEENSMATTER.EVENBRITE.COM.

Brooklyn Magazine: The 100 Most Influential People in Brooklyn Culture

That Brooklyn has an abundance of creatively minded and culturally significant residents is not really news—this has long been the case. Now though, the borough feels more than ever like a cultural nexus, wherein once marginalized voices and outsider perspectives are now a major part of our cultural conversation. And so what better time to celebrate some of the many people who are shaping Brooklyn culture today, those people responsible for the words we want to read, the films we want to see, the music we want to hear, the art we want to experience, the spaces we want to inhabit. Everyone on this list creates, directs, or provides a platform for the type of work that continues to make Brooklyn not just culturally relevant, but culturally vital. And we thank them for it.